Privacy Policy

We believe your members’ privacy is important.

*The member list will never be sold or used for fundraising.

*No contact by email, phone or mail will be make to any members.

*Percentages and not individual names are given in the Report.

There is no other purpose for the list other than voter information.

No one other than the Pastor or approved church leader and the data company who has a strict NDA with us will ever see the member information. We will not accept any financial information on members or any key personal identification numbers such as social security, financial or driver’s license numbers. Your church member data will be matched to public voting and registration information to help provide you, as a Pastor, accurate information to support your efforts in Christian cultural involvement. The information we ask you to include is the member’s full name and home address. Information that is helpful and increases the percentage of matching files to the public registration and voting history are: DOB, age, gender, spouse, family member names, maiden name, other addresses, phone numbers and email address.

We use industry standard data collection methodologies to securely collect, process, transmit and store your sensitive information.  Our purpose is to protect member information while providing information to Pastors about their church that can be used to help Pastors. Any questions regarding this privacy policy or the Pew Initiative should be directed via email to: