Legal Guidelines

A Pastor's Legal Rights

Common Misconceptions of Legal Issues

Legal Do's and Don'ts

What are the Legal Guidelines for Pastors, Churches, Church Leaders and Para-Church groups?

Pastors… you CAN:

  • Preach, Pray & Partner with other Pastors on moral issues impacting culture
  • Encourage & Educate civic involvement (Register, vote, etc.)
  • Distribute Voter Guides & Educational Materials (See our Resources)
  • Endorse, Contribute, Fundraise, Campaign for candidate as Pastor/Citizen
    • Pastor can even list his Church and Title but needs to include “*for the purpose of identification"
  • Support/Oppose candidates or appointments (as individual and not as church).

What CAN the CHURCH do?

  • Conduct debates, candidate/issue forums (invite BOTH sides)
  • Invite Candidates to preach, speak, teach (NOT on the candidates own campaign)
  • Lobby (Cannot exceed more than 5-15% of “overall operation”)


  • Support Candidate as Church by…
  • Endorse (Bulletin, distribute candidates material), campaign, fundraise,
  • Contribute money/equipment, to candidate or party or PAC,
  • Lobby more than 5-15% of “overall operation”
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