Culture Impact Team 

Giving practical help to the church so it can make a positive impact on our community, state and nation

1.  Form a Team

Gather at least 2-4 others to form your team so you dont burn out “A cord of three strands is not easily broken” ~ Ecc. 4:12

2.  Inform, Alert & Mobilize Your Church 

Become the go-to person and assist pastor on important issues

  • Staying on top of local, state, and national moral issues so you can inform your church
  • Providing  your pastor and church with accurate and pertinent information on moral issues

Sound The Alarm                                                            Keep your pastor and church informed on serious moral issues that affect your community, state and nation (Ex: defense of biblical marriage). Coordinate Involvement

  • Encourage grassroot  participation in tasks such as petition drives, voter registration, pregnancy centers, public office, service projects, etc.

Reach Out to Churches

  • Meet and pray with other church leaders, work  together to increase impact with Cultural Impact (CIT) activities,  work together to elect godly leaders, etc.

3.  Register Members

  • Setting up a registration table in your lobby.
  • Providing registration forms, online registration, FAQ’s etc.
  • Announcing and sending reminders, and then turning in the forms.

4.  Activate to Vote

  • Encourage early voting and voting in primary elections.
  • Providing voter guides and sending reminders.
  • Mobilizing members to vote on election day.

5.  Join 20:28 Pastors

Free 20:28 Pastors Report

  • Help mobilize your pastor and church members to register and vote by giving your pastors a free 20:28 Pastors report about your congregation.
  • This high level report shows you valuable data including the:
    • Percentage of your church that is registered to vote
    • Percent that has voted in the last four elections
    • Helpful demographic information
    • And tools to help you increase voter registration and voting!

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View the Cultural Impact Team Quick Start Guide PDF (to download, right click the link and select “Save as” option) View the 20:28 Pastors Summary PDF (to download, right click the link and select “Save as” option)